Benas Repecka

Personlig trener, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

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Benas has a bachelor’s degree in Sport And Exercise Science which he obtained at Middlesex University London with a special focus on Strength and Conditioning. Together with Bachelor’s degree Benas holds REP’s (registered exercise professional) level 2 and 3 certificates (London). Benas has a basketball background which He has been playing for over 10 years, this finally led him to graduating from the basketball academy (Sabonis Basketball Center) in 2015. Being active and in sports since a young age, Benas has grown an extensive interest for many other sports such as: athletics, swimming, football, American football, olympic weightlifting, calisthenics and strength training.

The interest in various sports has helped Benas develop his own training philosophy, that is based around, combining most effective training exercises and strategies from multiple sports, that are functionally useful for an everyday life and can be adapted to anybody, regardless of the specific goal, age or training experience. Benas believes that in order to meet one's needs and ensure fitness longevity a special attention to details, such as: proper technique, training  effectiveness and safety of exercises is a number one priority.

Contact Benas over the phone 45848752.

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